Genki Sushi Singapore
Franchised by Japanese Dining Concepts (Asia) Ltd, a subsidiary of Maxim's Group Hong Kong, Genki Sushi Singapore with its purist modern design concept complements the innovative technologies that deliver an immersive dining experience and serve the freshest sushi in a sleek and elegant setting.

Genki Sushi’s Singapore outlet takes advantage of the latest technologies and innovations to deliver a seamless dining experience. By innovatively automating the ordering/serving process through a fully integrated iPad/iPod Touch system, Genki Sushi offers the freshest sushi with the fastest services of between two to three minutes. The innovations used throughout the restaurant are:

‘Kousoku’ (Express) System
The first such fully functional, double deck system of its kind in Singapore and outside of Japan, this highly sophisticated serving innovation intelligently delivers food to dinners’ tables in two to three minutes, without having to wait for the restaurant staff. Shaped like a Shinkansen bullet train or Formula One car travelling on a track above the main conveyor belt, this unique delivery system is programmed to slow down upon reaching a diner’s table and gives out an alert to announce that the food has arrived. Once food is unloaded, diners can press a button to return the train back to the kitchen for the next order. The double deck Kuosoku system has only been used in Japan for less than six months.
iOrder System
Besides a fully integrated iPad/iPod Touch system where every table feature an iPad and every wait staff is equipped with an iPod Touch, Genki Sushi also designed the iOrder system to create an immersive digital dining experience. This software is made up of two components: the iMenu for diners, and the iServe for the wait staff. The iMenu is a digital menu on the iPad which allows diners to place orders by tapping on their desired item and the orders sent wirelessly to the kitchen. iServe allows wait staff to keep track of orders, bills, availability of food items and diners’ requests on their iPod Touch.